The Blank Canvas by Julian Baslyk

What tales shall be manifested onto?
The blank canvas rests and the emptiness is felt
It is seen as it is told
And the imagined shapes will be presented
Through the paints and the brushes
The colors and the waves
The artist's hand will work
And minds shall envision
Time will judge
As the soul will push it
The hand will mend it
And the eye will foresee it
The once blank canvas to be filled
And the hours to be felt
The artists to be invoked
The forms to be presented
The worlds delivered
Only to atlas end
And the blank canvas to be presented once more
A new beginning inevitably starts
And repeats as the artists dedication
Through a lifetime it will be worked
As the blank canvas is filled
And a career can be seen
An artist can be described
A world can be explained
And a hand can travel
And as the empty is filled
By the time to be delivered
The experiences will be mended
As to be seen by all
And the collectors to be stuck
As their eyes will travel
Their brains challenged
And their worlds that support
But these ideals are few
And the starving are many
As the blank canvas presents itself
The paint will fill it and depict
The ideas will be encountered by it
And the image shall manifest itself through the artist
And the blank canvas shall be full
Over time to be soaked and delivered
And as the blanket is filled
You and I aid with this act
As we splash and we spill
We spurt and we spit
We throw and we mend
We secrete and we emit
We attempt
We attain and we render
We apply and attach
We work, we work, we work
And we struggle in our complexities
All for an experience
Of visions and forms
Of colors and movements
Of shapes and motions
Waves and heights
Linears and depths
For here the artist shall thrive
Shall enjoy, imagine and become
And to love it by the minutes
As a dream to come true
A future to envision
By these mendings, these smudgings
These renderings, these applications
And here now they may succumb to it
They may be persuaded, they may believe it
And the many to watch
As the many to be created
To start and end once more
On this blank canvas once presented
That seems pure, seems golden, seems pretty
That is taken and transformed
Into these pieces and performances
These auroras and artworks
All for a feeling
Of calmness and satisfaction
A truth here for now
A convincing and a conviction
Of self fulfillment, self realization
Self hope, self attainment
Self knowledge, self understanding
And a picture to be framed, a work to be completed
A composition to be composed, an effort to be effected
An ambition displayed, an inspiration realized
And an artist expressed, a creator created
This blankness then delivered from obscurity
This whaling whaled, this calling compressed
And this binding bided, this striking strided
As this canvas to travel, this mark to be obeyed
As the artist to be depicted, the motions to be delivered
And the arts to be resurrected, the museums to be upheld
As here we are now to experience it
And here we are now to express it
Here we are now to witness it
The blank to be filled again and again
The curves to be followed, the patterns recognized
As the artist to be conveyed
The picture to be pictured
The space, captured
The widening, worshiped
The compositions, collected
And the colors to be created
All from the blankness that is a canvas
The whiteness that will be splashed onto
And the emptiness to be emptied
The wholes to be awarded
The callings to be crafted
The spaces to be specked
And the perceptions to be provoked
For the blankness to be filled again and again
Something from nothing conveyed
An emission, an entitlement
A presentation, a provider
A calling, a crafter
A growth, a gratitude
And an artist that foresees a vision to be applied onto this canvas so empty
A creator that imagines outerly planes and patterns
An existence, a reality to be portrayed
And another universe, another space to be perceived
All from a blankness that inspires a bounty
To be tried and tried again as a lifetime can be devoted
A reason, a religion, a requirement
That the artist must attain, must activate
And must be observed from a perspective
Must be attentive and attractive
And must be convincing and controlled

Alternate Scape (2012) by Julian Baslyk

The colors flow through
The shapes curve and swirl
And your mind sees the present
And the soul within will speak
They crash and sway forever
They mend and blend
They twist and bend
The colors of these universes
And the worlds will speak to you
Forever it will stay
Forever it will move
Forever will you know it

The Land that Crawls (2014) by Julian Baslyk

The eye of the snake is the sun
So big, so ferocious
And the land on top of the water
Will forever blend
In color and form
And the mountains will reflect
Upon the shapes of the world
And one can see faces
As the work will speak to you
You can see another
Another world, far off in the distance
That you will never get to
And you will see it
So be enlightened now
Imagine more now
Reflect upon it now
And swallow the great sea

Distant Reality (2012) by Julian Baslyk

Every shape is within form
Every color is within form
It is all together as one
But all different as many
They do reflect upon each other
They do matter to each other
And only together they make one
One work
One painting
One essence
One meaning
And apart they do not
So see this land
See these suns
See this space
And only within the mind shall you reflect
As the worlds will spin forever
And the distance is personified within

Alternate State (2012) by Julian Baslyk

The geometric shapes of it
They cut and define
They puncture and fly
There is balance and chaos
They fight and they embrace
And are formed through each other
And the sky is space and a vessel
But there is a sun
Something we can see and relate
There's a sun and land
And itself it is a vessel
For the mind to ponder on
For the eyes to see
For the painters to inspire
For the people to watch
For the energy to capture
Always, until its destruction
For the light to reflect upon
So we can all make it happen

A Flowing junction (2106) by Julian Baslyk

It flows while I sit
And imagine another existence
And wonder through my ways
Of the painted and the coloured
Of the slings and the wires
Through the minds eye and the depicted
From the layers of life and the rendered
From the echoes and the vibes
From the told and the lived
Shows another as never seen
And marked by the hands
And worked by the hours
And felt by the days
Through feelings and convictions
By the eye and by the imagined
Comes through the times
And experienced through the device
And brought to us by work
Felt by the evolved and the intellects
As it mends and blends onto us
It bleeds and is dealt
As we fly and sit
As we move and are moved
As we tell of only
And through us can we share
By us can we think
From us can we inspire
Through the earth is our essence
And our place is our destiny
Our space is our bounty
Our travels are our spirit
And our time is our vessel

An Assembled Fluctuation (2015) by Julian Baslyk

I render and the mountains curl
And are depicted by the tools
Are spread by the times
By the efforts and by the tried
As the world will fly and morph
Will be made and worked
Will shape and shift
Until the brush will sit
And the hand will rest
And the spirit will succumb
To the buried and the lame
The hurt and the lying
And the land wakes at a time
And sleeps in the distance
While I walk the roads
And fly by my lines
And sit while I work
Stand while I give it
Unto all to foresee it
To tweak the minds motions
Offer the original origin
Spin the round rights
And foresee the turning tides

An Exuberant Anomaly (2015) by Julian Baslyk

Through here is another anomaly
By the clouds and the oceans
Manifested emotions are abundant
And the shapes of the expansions are growing
By the mountains and the deep
The currents and the waves
The sways of our moon
And the reflected lights throughout
By the times that have been spent
As the tracks that have been followed
The paintings have been rendered
And the judge to call upon
The artists to hesitate from the pales
How the world is reflected
How the universe is worn
How the galaxies sway
And by what do we owe?
We are only so small
We fight and tackle
We create by our experiences
We confuse and juggle
But we live from our work
We spend by our hours
Drink by our honors
And we toast to our successes
Atlas the artist to start again
Only through times can he render
And art speaks through his fingers
Art shows what is imagined
And movements are captured by a speck
Images convey feelings by marks
And what is captured is pondered upon
What is seen is written down
Through the hands and the spirals
By the essence and the living

The Nighlty Scene, Stormy currents by Julian Baslyk 

The light shines
The stars are mixed and amused
The air is swirled and blowing
And the world is deep and glowing
But there is land and water
Still suns and mountains
Always new and different
Always inspiring and awing
Always something new
Like yesterday
Like tomorrow
Another beginning
Always more reflections
A new color to work upon
New shapes
New forms
New structure
Each time I visit
Each time I start over
Is new
Is another beginning
More to work with
More to play with
Another part of me
Will start over and repeat
Until I end
And start over again
The land and the waters
The mountains and the distance
The stars in the sky
For us to see, abnormally
Not what we are habituated upon
The shapes are waving
The lines of the waters are a unity
Something we know and think of
There is a physical world
But not this one Earth
A place brought through imagination
Understood through a theory
Realized by an insight
And foreseen by a thought
Only far away and untouchable
A place we can reflect on
A place through the artist
A unity from the artist's hand
Through your mind to ponder
And in this space it may move
It may travel like you and I
It may go the distance or rest
It may stay here months or years
It may be damaged or mangled
It may be changed or altered
It may hang framed to appear more convincing
But its essence will always remain as one
For the brain to project and the eyes to see
And ideas to be morphed by it
Visions to be raised
Thoughts to be struck
And minds to be changed
By this and that through it
By the moments and the movements
To one day reach the presented
And one day teach those trapped
To free them from banality
By the forms and the figures
The shadows and the shapes
The colored and the contrasted
The waves and the works
And the stars that are presented

Setting Stars by Julian Baslyk

The light shines
The stars are mixed and amused
The air is swirled and blowing
And the world is deep and glowing
But there is land and water
Still suns and mountains
Always new and different
Always inspiring and awing
Always something new
Like yesterday
Like tomorrow
Another beginning
Always more reflections
A new color to work upon
New shapes
New forms
New structure
Each time I visit
Each time I start over
Is new
Is another beginning
More to work with
More to play with
Another part of me
Will start over and repeat
Until I end
And start over again

Bright Ocean Scape by Julian Baslyk

One land here
One sun here
One ocean and one sky here
It is only I that has changed it
I will form and shape
Will twist and blend
Will make you awake
Wonder and ponder
Look there
And be there
And observe there
Only through the hand
Only through the work
Can you inspire and be inspired
Can you brighten and be bright
Can you see it
And feel it
And wonder
And move
And be projected upon it
And for it to project upon you
Years will pass
Another dimension
Through a million attempts
It will one day fall through
And land in my hands
To hang for you
And ponder and wonder
And repeat
To sing loud by it
And to feel from it
To see it here for a moment
To see it hang for a moment
And to reflect upon it
As we imagine and we define
We morph around it
And we have it morph around us
And our eyes are touched upon it
Our spirits mended
Our visions foreseen
Our wealth captured
Only by this here
A mystery of mysteries
And a blessing worked

The Great Beyond by Julian Baslyk

Forever wander through a space
To capture a moment with another
To create an experience for you and I
For my hands to paint and my years to be mended
For my mind and lips to explain
For my eyes to see
For my hands to work
For my hours to spend
For my life to be settled
And my experiences to come through
And my colors to be seen
My forms to be structured
My dreams to be explained
And my world to be delivered
Through this and that
Us and them
Him and her
To look at this day and another
And to awe in wonder

Galactic Scape by Julian Baslyk

The circular fires in the sky
The sun still lights
As it brightens another will darken
As it will project
And rain on this world
The mountains still lie deep
And the sea still flows
Foresee these projections
As the brush will foretell the plan
Because the worlds are beautiful
As it will hang somewhere to brighten the space
For peoples mind to wander within it
And their eyes to rest upon it
And their offspring to inspire
For my art may lie
Until they decide otherwise
Take path of the plan
Round it into a motion
Become only a myth
And last through the eternities
By the universe to succumb
The revolutions to take aim
And the paint to plan
The form to build
The shadows to wave
The colors to refute
And those who wait by it
Those who travel
Those who build
Those who rise
Those who understand
And those who grasp
To only one day ignore it
And leave it
So it can do it again for another
In time

Colored Lines Drawings by Julian Baslyk

As the lines curve and pass and forseed
The colors enlighten and blend
The shapes form through a structure
And come together by this act
Through space and time
Through color and light
Through marks and writings
Through your eyes and mine
To form what is presented
To tell a tale through our vision
As lines and colors
Only for us to see
Only to reach your ambition
And imagine many stories
Through a page and a line
A process and a structure
A paper and an artist
Forever to write down his word
But only in time
Eventually to reach
Another line to start and repeat
And wave and swirl
Move and flow
Fly and travel
Like us and them
Fixed onto a pathway
Create worlds for the better
In time to remember
In space to succumb
In theory to practice
In process to receive
And in motion to deliver
As in movements to conquer
In application to control
In device to create
And in effort to realize

A Gaze by Julian Baslyk

A Gaze has drifted through the page
As a bird can be watched
And can be emotioned by its look
As the colors will compliment
The forms will come together
For this composition of flights
That is a gaze from a spirit
And looks upon us in a tweet
It looks upon us in a calling
And looks upon us in an attempt
As here we lay now
Here we sing now
Here we listen now
To those trapped in the deep
Those struggles of the hidden
Those cries from afar
And those who dig
Through the Earth towards infinity
By the shovels and the pikes
By the strengths and the mighty
The wars and the walks
The depths to be achieved
Here and now
Us and them
By and from
And the cries
The arguments
The howls
The wires
The confusions
The worries
The dips
The tackles
And the feedings
As you can only hear it cry
But only look in a distance
Will judge you from afar
As I will mend it through a brush
And call it by my hand
Tell it from these times
Speak it through these words
So it can be delivered by these writings

Calm Scape by Julian Baslyk

The land it penetrates the sea
The sky is split apart by vessels
And the gaze of the stars can reflect upon it
The sun can make light and foresee darkness
And the world turns as the planets make a union
They all move and energize their surroundings
They all combine and combust into space
And they settle to relax on my once blank canvas
So I can capture this calm moment
Made by myself as I will experience it
And will inspire me to lay my paint on the pallet
It will teach me and mesmerize me
It will shadow the past and brighten the future
As I paint another for an everlasting improvement
And hope to create a moment for one
To remember it
To think of it
To be at ease because of it
To relax within it
To lie by it
To sink in the warm sands of it
And engage in its enjoyability
And let it hit your consciousness
As you will refresh your ratings
You will become and rebuild and enjoy
You will exercise and run and sink
Restore, reuse and restart
As you will fly, you will return
You will be distant, you will be driving
To return here once, return here again
And then to work, to work, to work
As life will normalize in your essences
And a beginning found, an end foreseen
For the good of it all

Purple Night by Julian Baslyk

The moon hangs half seen
And reflects upon the worlds
The land is calm within
The distance is seen through a color
And the color is presented
The stars shine high
And the atmosphere is waving, turning and spinning
The life is here throughout
The natives have expanded and are living
But the tides have turned
The waters have rised
And the moon has dropped
To see something beyond it
And to walk the land of organics
Will one day come
Will one day be seen
And experienced through the canvas
And the colors put on it
Shapes and lines
For us to ponder
For us to be inspired
To start again
To begin another
Painting that is energized
Through the worlds presented

A Dreamy Night by Julian Baslyk

The foreground blasts
The water sinks
The stars shine
And the moon rests through the night
And the beings are shown
The horizon is waving
The distance is circular
And we swim through essence
We walk by what has appeared
And we think through what is presented
We see by the colors
And we imagine what can come about
It is more than what is seen
It has character
It shows who I am and what I am
It can change and be changed
And you can learn to know it and appreciate it
By it and from it
Through it and inspire it
See it and be seen observing it
Think from it

Landscape 2013 #1, #2 by Julian Baslyk

As the shapes spin in the sky
The water rests
And the sun shines long and throughout
The contrast of the land
And the consistency of the pieces
As we reflect and there is a reflection
From the lights that are distant
Form the shadows that are cast
As the shapes and colors are blended
And the illumination stimulates the forms
As the long moon rests along the spaces
The fierce world below it
Can be seen through a vision of form and shape
Through colors and a mark
By fire and by a wave
Casts as it is a body
Through deep emptiness it shines
By strange worlds it will hit
And reach there to provide

Calm Reflection by Julian Baslyk

The moon and sun are within a balance
By this space and this place
Brought here through imagination
Through spent work and time
The place is turning as the moon reflects upon the tides
And the water will sink and push
As the land will be paved
And the sun will burn and ignite it
While the colors have been blended
Through the gap of the land
And the caves in the elevation far off
We reflect upon it all
And see it through our feelings
Think it by our eyeballs
While imagining it by our thoughts
Still see it by our mind
And be within it through our spirit
And be pushed from the stars
Through the thoughts that enter us
And the wisdom that is around us
By the spaces that we encounter
And the structures within form

Trapped Within #1 #2 by Julian Baslyk

A small energy is forever within
As the shapes are caged for a small piece
And the motion can no longer sway
The colors are within a portion
The forms are only together
But they are bound and hungry
For another task later
Through the abstraction and the subtlety
Of what is shown by a small fraction
From all of us here and there
To a bit of the painting
To a shape within
To a powerful escape
And a swipe of the brush
Here and there
You and I
For the world to confine within

A Piece in Hand by Julian Baslyk

The shapes contrast against it
The colors are brought through each other
The lines are one with it
As the forms and pieces build it
They are but a beginning
What started it all for the artist
Deep within is a landscape
To come about through time and work
Through days of struggle and isolation
In this world of sharp and dull
Of loud and calm
As all of us hold a piece
So do our sons and daughters
The good and the bad
The bright and the dim
The organic and the geometric
Are all around
Through it, by it
To rest in it
To fly forever and then lie

Deep in Wonder by Julian Baslyk

Stare at me with the unknown
Be true through your voice and mind
As the parts will form throughout your world
And the images will shape beyond your views
But the message can only appear within you
The colors can only build from you
And the fixation is all but abstract
Be true to only what is said and heard
Be wise and be thorough
And wonder what is to be wondered
Fix what is to be constant
Hear what is to be fixed
And live by what is to be experienced
While we race through what can only be shared

Stare of the Bird by Julian Baslyk

The image can fly beyond you
As the bird migrates across the Earth
And the pack is approaching its destination
By the sun that swirls away and back again
And the seasons that are proposed
See the birds of this image
See it express and lie here
Watch it look and ponder here
By the colors that brighten
By the shapes that control
By the birds that fornicate
And the human minds that view it
As my hands will mend it
And my eyes will foresee it

Atmospherium by Julian Baslyk

As the land sways and the mountains hit
The globe has been mended
The sky has been foreseen
The plates are nudging
And the waters moved
The colors formed
The shapes understood
And the essence felt
The life has breathed
The atmosphere violated
By the minds here and there
And the hands of the suffering
The waves of mankind
And the air of the places
The bounties to capture
From the old Earth
The strong and flourishing
Only by it are we from it
So know it and love it

Nightly Movements #1 by Julian Baslyk

As they travel along the places
The moon will hit and will rise
As the waters will flow
And the stars will fall
By the land that awaits
The sky that moves
As the mountains have been moved
Your eyes may rest
And your eyes may grow
As your mind can depict it
By the waters you can live it
And by the space can you relate it
By the composition can you be it
And the forms can achieve it
While we sit and foresee it

Copyright by Julian Baslyk